Freshly Hilled Potatoes

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Perhaps it’s my Irish Blood, but nothing does my heart as good as seeing beautiful growing, and freshly hilled, potatoes! 🥔 🥔 🥔 🥔 🥔 🥔

I actually love pretty much everything about Potatoes! 

I love planting potatoes, weeding, hoeing, hilling, digging, and eating potatoes!

This year, I’ve planted three gardens and all three have potatoes some potatoes! Over 300’ of Potato Rows! Which I hope yield about 900 lbs of potatoes! I have, in the past, a number of years ago, harvested as much as 10 lbs per foot! However that was on good soil, and ideal conditions. Our current gardens are first time, and forest gardens (pictured above). So, some rows will likely only average a pound or two per foot. Others, with a little luck and lots of prayer, may yield an average of 5 lbs per foot. So, I’m guesstimating a total harvest of about 900 lbs by September! 

Definitely have a few different varieties, My Favourite is Kennebec (I’ve grown 2 Pounders), and my second favourite is Irish Cobbler which mature early and give nice dry potatoes. We also have Adirondack Blue, Golden Russet, Huckleberry Gold, and LaRatte Fingerlings and German Fingerlings. Seven different types! The first of which Irish Cobbler should soon be providing us with New Potatoes!

Now, You’re probably asking, “What on earth are you going to do with all those potatoes!?” Great Question! Glad You asked! We’ll maybe sell a few, save some for next years seed, and eat them of course! Eat 900 lbs of Potatoes!? Don’t worry, they’ll get eaten! When we cook them, we’ll cook a large pot o them, and what we don’t eat, we’ll use as Feed for our Animals. 

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