Free Range, Pastured Chicken

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Our Chickens are moved two to three times a day! They get new fresh pastures, not only every day, but several times a day! Happy, Healthy, Chickens means healthy Chicken! Free Range, Pastured Chicken! 

According to, “Compared to barn-raised and conventionally-raised chickens, Pasturebird poultry has been shown to have three times the omega-3s, 50 percent more vitamin A, D, and E, and 21 percent less saturated fat. Simply put, healthier chickens make for healthier chicken.”

Now, at Briden Farm, we don’t stop there! In addition to our birds getting quality pasture, they also get lots of fresh clean water! Yes, it too, helps too! 

Not only do we insure they have fresh pasture, and clean water, we also add barley, corn, oats, wheat, and Human Grade Hemp Seed Feed! High Proteins, Omegas, Essential Oils, and more! 

Are You beginning to see the difference! The true difference is in the taste! From the first bite to the last! Briden Farm, Free Range, Pastured Chicken is incredible! 

For more information please contact Brian at Briden Farm. 📞 902-907-0770 

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