Briden Farm Gardens at The Barn Property

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The following photos will give you an idea of the size of our Briden Farm Gardens at The Barn Property. I haven’t exactly measured it, but a rough measurement and guesstimate would be about 7000-7500 Sq ft. Plus, we have about 1000-1200 Sq Ft of Garden at Briden Farm. Combined it’s about 1/5 of an acre. All on ground that was worked up by our Pigs and Goats. Then tilled with a rear tine tiller, and planted by hand. 

Now the real work begins! Removing Rocks, Weeding, and Tilling and Hilling over 300’ of Potatoes. Then, later, it’ll be steaming the peas, and maybe the tomatoes. Although I’m thinking about replanting the tomatoes! I originally planted seeds, and should have used Seedlings. 

There are definitely some things that could be doing better! The cucumbers haven’t come up yet, so thinking I may have to replant those too! 

The things that seem to be coming along the best are, Potatoes, Onions, and Corn. Hopefully they continue to thrive. 

Any way you look at it, it’s a lot of work!

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