So, You want to Support our Farm!

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We’ve had a number of people say they’d like to support us and our efforts! We’re thankful for each of You! 

 Many aren’t sure the best way to support us, or want to help, but can’t afford a lot. We fully understand! Absolutely we do! These are tough times for all of us. 

To help provide a simple way for you to support us is to “Buy Me A Coffee”! Sounds funny! Right? 

Well, it’s pretty neat actually…

Not just because some people buy me a coffee, but because the “Buy Me A Coffee” program allows us to setup membership or contribution levels that meet most budgets, help our budget, and allows you to choose a level of support that you’re comfortable with. While at the same time allowing you to Choose to Sponsor a Chicken, Duck, or Goat!

Learn More … Click Here 



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