Moving Daisy, Duke, and Family of Swallow Belly Pigs

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So Moving Pigs is Difficult! Right? Discover why I’m a little ashamed!

While I do some things well, other things seem to get by me! Even when it is sort of embarrassing, and I wonder if I should keep it quiet or share it with you to maybe help you avoid my mistakes and embarrassment! 

See, I pretty much name all our animals and birds, and treat them all the best I can. Treating them all like pets, except for that one bad moment that some meet with at their end. That makes it harder on me, as 

I prefer to be the one that brings about that one bad moment. I want to insure nothing suffers any longer than necessary and so I like to honour that being by being the one to do the “Deed” so to speak! 

Because I treat them all well, make pets out of them, and name them, it makes the end harder on me on their last day! However, it helps working with them much easier every other day! 

While many people find moving pigs a most difficult task, have a look at this video, then read on to see why I’m actually a little embarrassed …

So, .you see that was pretty easy! Right?

The real reason we moved them is, about three days ago I got a Surprse!

It’s also the reason I’m embarrassed! 

Daisy and Duke, our Swallow Belly Mangalitsa Pigs, had piglets! On the ground, in their muddy pasture! Where they’ve been for the Winter. I was told they’re purebred Mangalitsa and I believe them to be so, and I was also told that Swallow Belly’s don’t have their first litters till they’re a year and a half old. These two are just under a Year, so I wasn’t expecting them to be breeding for another month or so! It takes pigs 3 Months, 3 Weeks, and 3 Days to farrow and have their piglets. Which means Daisy got bred when she was seven months. Seven months is about right for other breeds, but the Mangalitsa are slower maturing. So, I kind of felt a little ashamed of not knowing she was pregnant! I had no reason to check, believing, based on the information I had, that she couldn’t get pregnant till she was a year old. So! Surprise! 

I really debated posting about this, as it makes me look rather stupid, but I’m still learning and did the best I could with information given. So, I write about this, hoping my doing so may help others avoid my mistakes. Even if I’m embarrassed!


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