Animals Enjoying Their First Spring Pastures

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After too long a time in the Barn, due to cold rainy and winter weather, the animals we’re having a grand time out on their first Spring Pastures today. 

Here at Briden Farm we use Rotational Pastures, where all our animals get moved in a regular basis. Except for parts of the Winter when it’s to wet, or cold, for them to get outside. 

Lara, and her two daughters, Mosley and Ginger, our Heritage Pigs, were funny, wish I had that on video. The daughters are about 250 lbs each and Lara is well over double that! Yes, probably between 500-600 lbs! So, when they are running, dancing and snorting and barking (yes pigs bark too), it is quite the sight to see! 

Of course, when the Sheep heard the Pigs, the were bleating and blatting to get out too! So, it was funny to watch them also! 

The Goats were last to come out and they too were pretty happy to feel the warmth of the sun, and be able to much on the littlest areas of green grass! 

All were quite pleased! I too was quite pleased because I love seeing our animals happy! Just have a look…

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