Making Divinity Fudge At Briden Farm

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Having seen my recent Poem and Photo,

There’s a Candle in the Window

One of the Cousins to the family from whom we bought this home and property made some positive remarks, about the Canadles in the Windows. She also, almost without knowing it, set out a little challenge when she said, “now only if you made Divinity Fudge”. Meaning if only I could make it like Mrs. Harris used to make it! 

Well, I doubt mine rivals Her’s, and certainly not the childhood memories of it, yet not being one to shy away from a challenge, I did my best! 

I made Divinity Fudge!  I enlisted the help of my better half, especially with using the beater while I added the hot liquid, and together we made it happen! 

Of course, as I often do, I had to play with my food! Here’s a Link for the recipe I worked from over on

As You might have guessed, I used Watkins Products!
Click Here to see what I did


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