Laying Out New Pasture At Briden Farm

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This photo, or should I say this amalgamation of three photos shows the appropriate layout of the new pasture for our Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Or at least the Does, Snow White, Momma, and Nanna! 

Till now, they’ve enjoyed having their Pasture on the Hillside in two rotational areas. However those have been quite well browsed upon and the simple fact is the Goats are bored of that area. when they get bored, they get out of the pasture. The simple truth is we don’t have a lot of great fencing! However, we’re blessed because, although the Girls could get out anytime, they only escape when they get bored! 

So the new area will provide them at least a few weeks of entertainment and also some fresh new browse. It’s mostly flat ground directly behind the house and while smaller, only about 40 x 70’ it’ll provide an easy to watch, gentler area for the time Nanna and Momma move into their Kidding season. Nanna is due the end of March and Momma the first of May. 

It also can be expanded to the Hillside on an untouched area with another approximate 80×80’ Square. So, for the next three weeks or so, till Momma freshens (gives birth to her kids), we’ll leave them in the smaller pasture.

Once she  freshens we’ll expand it while she’s spending time inside with her kids. We’ll make it so it can be split in two. So when Nanna comes out with her kids they can be in the first section and Momma and Snow White can be in the Hillside area. That is till Momma freshens the first of May, then we’ll rotate it. 

Have Questions, want more info? Come visit us at Briden Farm, where the Tea is Always On and the Coffee is not far behind! 

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  1. A great post Brian enjoyed reading it.Seeing how I have been to your place I’am getting to know the layout of your land more.Exciting things coming up for Braden Farm.

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