Lara’s Piglets Are Nearly Weaned

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We’ve gone with as natural approach to the whole process as possible. Lara farrowed, gave birth to, eight healthy piglets on April 5, 2023 and that meant she went from being a Gilt to being a Sow. We did not use crates or cages to prevent her rolling on the piglets. Rather, we Wintered two smaller pigs with her. They were about a quarter to a third her size. I think it made her more conscious of not rolling on them, and in turn her piglets. It also helps that Lara, part through training, and a bigger part by her personality, is very calm and gentle. She’s made a beautiful Mother. 

So, the piglets were born 25 days ago, and rather than pull them away from their Mom, we left them. We’ve noticed them eating hay at about a week old, and at day 17 we had them out on pasture with their Mom, Lara. Just an hour or so, increasing the length of time a little each day. Actually it was their Mom, Lara, that decided the length of time outside! She’d walk over and nudge the makeshift, pallet, gate when she wanted to go in! 

Then, tonight, this is what I saw…

Actually, just moments before this video was shot, all of the Piglets were eating!

It’s been such an interesting and rewarding experience to work with Lara, and her piglets, and see how smart they are and see what a good job she’s done with them! 

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