Our Briden Farm 2023 Potatoes Are Planted

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Imagine, two years ago this garden was forested. Woodlands comprised mostly of Ash and Poplar. Using our Goats, Pigs, Chickens, and jokingly, sometimes Dogs, we’ve managed to make a Garden out of it. This year it’s going to be mostly Potatoes. It feels good to have it planted. 

I’ll leave it be for a bit, then add in some companion plants. We interplant Bush Beans, Green and Yellow Beans, to help deter Potato Bugs. In two years here, and one in Clementsport, we’ve not had a Potato Bug. We’ve also not planted on the same ground two years in a row! So, this year will be the real test, having had at least part of this garden in potatoes last year. Will we have Potato Bugs? Time will Tell. 

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It’s been funny to watch Roscoe this year, He remembers last year, how I’d get after him if he walked on the rows! I think, watching Him lick his lips, that he might also remember the great tastes we got from the garden last year!

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