25,000 Visitors made 90,000 Visits

25,000 Visitors made 90,000 Visits!

Two Hundred Thirty One Days have come and gone and eight Full Moons have have risen, and set, over Briden Farm since we launched our Website, on Mischief Night, 2020. During which time, over 25,000 Visitors have made over 90,000 Visits to our Briden Farm Website! Now, that’s a lot of people who seemingly like our Lunacy!  We thank All of You for Your Friendship and Support! 

80,000 Visits

80,000 Visits

Wow! 80,000 Visits to our Briden Farm website since we launched 215 days ago, on Mischief Night, 30 October 2020. We thank You all for your continued support and encouragement.…

Blooming Poplar

Briden Farm Blooming Poplar

I can’t hardly believe I got this incredible video footage… I grew up in the Woods, a Country Boy, and 4th Generation Guide, and this is the first time I’ve…

Two Goats Milking At Briden Farm

We Now Have Two Goats Milking

Not quite sure what we’re going to do with the extra milk, but now that Nanna’s kids, Robbie and Nickie, have moved to their new home, we get to milk…

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Bucklings

Robbie & Nickie

Robbie and Nickie are twin Nigerian Dwarf Goat Bucklings, born 29 March 2021. When we originally posted we were looking for a new home for them it only took 9…

The Old Grey Hen Sitting On Eggs

A Broody Hen at Briden Farm

One of the nice things about Spring is that it’s the time of birth, and rebirth. It gives us hope! Hope for those who are born, hope for the future,…

A Hard Dog’s Night

A Hard Dog’s Night

Clever Title, isn’t it? See what I did there!?  After a long week of hard work, a rainy weekend is welcome and we’re using the time to take some well…