We Light a Candle for the Crew of the Chief William Saulis

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The Chief William Saulis is a Scallop Dragger out of Digby, Nova Scotia. Today there is a search being conducted after a Distress Call was sent at about 6am this morning. It may seem strange, or even opportunistic for a Farm Website to write about this, but truth is when You live in Nova Scotia, come from a Fisherman’s Family, and live only a few hundred yards from the Salt, the Salt gets in your Blood. 

When You’re from here, You know the risks, the men, and women, who fish upon these waters are brave, hard working, and seaworthy. When tragedy hits, we all Pray! 

So, sitting here, looking out my candle lit window, my mind drifts to years past, many years past, when if this happened the people ashore would go down to the shore and light lamps and candles to pray and help light their way. Hoping against hope, that all will return safe!

Our minds turn to the Families, even our own families, for we’re all in this together. Never knowing when times will be good, or when tragedy will come upon. We all hold one another dear. We share their fear, and we pray! 

So, even here, at Briden Farm, overlooking the Head of the Tide here in Bear River, We Light a Candle for the Crew of the Chief William Saulis, and for their Families as well. Praying For The Best. 


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