Preparing for Winter with a Larger Woodbox At Briden Farm

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For most of the Fall we’ve readied our Woodstove, and brought in a couple Banana Boxes of Wood to last from one day till the next. Most of which time we had temperatures in or around the freezing point at its coldest. 

Now, as Winter approaches, just 6 days to go, we’re now seeing much colder days, and nights. Dropping down around Minus Ten Celsius or about 10 Fahrenheit. Which when I lived in Cape Breton is the temp I waited for, sometimes a week or longer, so I could walk from Cain’s Mountain to my closest neighbours in Ottawa Brook. 

However, these days, I find -10 °C / 10 °F to be a little cold! 

So, we’re Preparing for Winter at Briden Farm with a bigger Woodbox allows us to have enough wood for more than a day. Not having to cut, chop, or bring in Wood everyday takes some of the pressure off, and makes it a little easier on real stormy days! 

The forecast for the next few days is for up to 8” of Snow! So, this old Steamer Trunk will make a great Woodbox and can hold enough wood for a few days! 

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