Thai Food at Briden Farm

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So, when it come to cleaning up our leftovers this week, we decided to take some inspiration from our friend Tak Phi who sells Authentic Thai Food at the Bear River Legion on Thursdays from 4:30-7pm.  

Now, when Tak makes her Authentic Thai Food it’s not made from leftovers! However, that’s exactly what ours was made from! We used the leftover Meats, Mushrooms, and other leftovers from a recent Breakfast at Briden Farm and puréed Baked Squash and Watkins Curry Herbs and Spices

Now, if You want some incredible Authentic Thai food, go see our friend Tak at the Bear River Legion on Thursday Evenings! If that won’t work for You, checkout her posts on Digby Talks on FaceBook!

Oh! While there, take time to Visit our Briden Farm FaceBook Page

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