Preparing For Hurricane Lee

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Coming from a Family of at least four or five generations of Hunting and Fishing Guides in Nova Scotia and having a Dad and Brothers who were Commercial Lobster and Ground Fishery fishermen, I always have an eye on the Sky!

So, when all the Doomy Weather Reports and Hype of impending doom build up more steam than most storms, I usually take it with a grain of Salt. However, salt can get quickly erode and blown away when exposed to enough wind and rain!

So, I’ve learned to always prepare for the worst and hope (and Pray) for the best!

So, this has been an exhausting week. First rotating fences and moving everyone to new pastures so as not to have the animals overstress the grass, forage, and soil on already worked pastures. We rotate everyone on a regular basis and the Goats and Pigs typically get moved about every 7-10 days depending on the ground they’re working, the time of year, and the vegetative growth and rainfall amounts. Always trying to build up the land, and not destroy it. It can be a delicate balancing act. So, it having been about a week to ten days since the last move, we moved everyone this week. The last move of pasture will be tomorrow morning here at Briden Farm. The others pretty much are at The Barn Property. Those at the Barn Property will all be getting moved inside tomorrow afternoon; about 12-24 hours ahead of the forecasted arrival of Hurricane Lee. Hurricane Lee is expected to hit us as a Tropical Storm, or Post Tropical Storm, with Gusts of 110-120 km (65-70 mph). It is expected to make Landfall near Yarmouth County, where I’m originally from, then track up over us. The worst of the Storm coming Saturday 16 September 2023 and disipating through the day on Sunday September 17, 2023.

So, tomorrow, Friday We’ll be moving nearly everyone inside the Barn. The possible exception are the Muscovy Ducks. Although, time permitting they may find a spot inside also. We’ve already put in 3-4 twelve-hour days this week! Looks like it might be another one tomorrow. It’ll be interesting as it’s going to pack the Barn. Goats, Pigs, Chickens, Rabbits, Pheasants, Sheep, and in all over 100 Critters! Which also means organizing, and reorganizing, the Barn. It’ll all get done tomorrow! We Pray!

It’s definitely been an exhausting week! You might say…
“We’ve been blown away and Hurricane Lee isn’t even here yet!”

For More Information On Hurricane Lee
Visit the National Hurricane Center

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