Muscovy Duck Is The Poor Man’s Steak

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Honestly, I think it might be just the opposite! Yes, we do eat meat and yes we do process some of our livestock and poultry into meat. Sadly, when You have too many, especially males, the time comes when they either have to be processed, or they’ll kill each other! Seriously!

Just to clarify though, I do eat meat and have no qualms about it. After all, “Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord”. Genesis 10:9. However, since we treat all our creatures as pets, except for the “One Bad Day”, it is not entered into lightly. I actually name most if not all f them, and when that day comes I feel that it’s my duty, and the last act I can perform to see that the life is ended as humanely as possible. Again, this all makes it harder on me, especially on “That Day”. However, it also means that not only do I connect with that creature when it’s alive, but continue to be thankful for it; often from birth to end of life, and after. It also allows me to know what We’re eating! Intimately!

Honestly, this isn’t what I was planning on writing! However, I think it’s important for me to express it, and for You to know it. I think it’s also important for You to know how great these Muscovy Ducks are! Both alive and afterward!

I used to think Muscovies were about the ugliest bird there was and I’m not sure when exactly that changed but they do make a great pet! Obviously, an outside pet, and not exactly one you’re going to cuddle up with. They enjoy their freedom and independence. This year we raised half our Drakes in our Gardens and Rotational Pastures. They do minimal damage to gardens, help fertilize, and seem to effectively keep most pests, like deer and raccoons, out of the Gardens. They also eat insects and help provide a fair bit of natural, organic, insect control. So, now, I love them! Not to mention they actually don’t require a pond! As long as they can get their heads under water, even in their water dish, and swizzle and cleanse their palate, they’re happy.

In fact, when Muscovy Ducks are happy they wag their tails! Yes! Sort of like a Dog!

Now, let’s set aside all that emotional, “feely”, stuff aside for a moment and talk about the meat!

Muscovy Ducks are said to be derived from Wood Ducks and Geese! Not sure how they got together, but that’s what they say! They originate from the Tropics, yet are very Winter hardy birds. Not actually Ducks, some say, but Waterfowl of their own right. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Muscovies is they have Red Meat! Muscovies are! They’re actually quite dry, almost fat-free, and considered, by many who know it, to be one of the best Steaks! Yes! Being red meat, the Breast can be prepared to resemble top sirloin steak!

Moose Manor Farms has an excellent write-up on Muscovy Ducks and describes the meat thusly…

Muscovy meat is one of the healthiest meats on the market today, being 98% or greater fat free. Many people say that the breast meat of a Muscovy is hard to tell from a Sirloin steak. Famous chefs know this and use Muscovy meat in a number of ways. They have become experienced at cutting and preparing the meat for various delicacies. It is even ground up and used as hamburger in a variety of dishes. Folks on a low-fat diet know that the meat is not only great tasting but very nutritious. And, being so lean, meat from the Muscovy duck is not greasy as is the case with other ducks. Some say that the meat tastes a lot like expensive ham, others say it is hard to tell from veal.

What say You? Would You like to try it?



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