Berkshire Pork Chops, Natural Smoked Bacon, and Pan Fried Potatoes

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Now that’s a Meal! We, Seasonally, raise Berkshire Pigs!

These incredible Berkshire Pork Chops, Natural Smoked Bacon, and Pan Fried Potatoes make an incredible meal! Of course the Watkins Products IPA, Adobo, and Sea Salt definitely helped as well. Click Here for Recipe 

We chose Berkshire Pigs because they’re a hardy, Heritage Breed Pig, we raise them in Rotational, Woodland, Pastures, keep, them happy and socialized with other animals like our chickens and goats, and give them the best life possible, for as long as possible, and we feed them as well as possible, and then they feed us! 

As a result, we’ve had incredible feedback from those who have bought our Pork, tried, or otherwise tried our Pork, and already have reorders for Sides of Pork. 

Last Year was our first year raising Pigs and we’ve learned, and are learning, how to keep them happy, healthy, and the Berkshire Pork is a tasty, traditional, taste that is reminiscent of that we all remember and love from our childhoods! 

If You’re interested in ordering, or learning more, call today, 902-907-0770.  

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