Approaching 10,000 Visits Since Launching Our Website 30 Oct 2020

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We launched this Website on the 30th of October, 2020, Mischief Night! Since the. We’ve been up to lots of Mischief! Getting noticed in FaceBook Groups like Poultry Atlantic Canada, Maritime Goats For BLEEPand Farming in the Maritimes. Not only have we gain awareness and online traction for our own purposes, here at Briden Farm, but we’ve also been able to promote these Groups, and perhaps most importantly Bear River itself! We love this place! 

Over the past couple of months we’ve mentioned local places like Sissiboo Coffee Roaster, the Bear River Legion, Forest Writing, and others like Tak Phi’s Thai Food on Thursday Evenings in Bear River. In the future we hope to help promote these and others like Grandma’s, Myrtle & Rosie’s, and others! 

We’re off to a good start! We’ve had 9,727 Visits since we launched this website just 62 Days ago! We’re hoping to hit 10,000 Visits by the end of the Day! The 9,727 Visits have come from 3,997 Visitors! Which means people are not only coming to our Site, they’re returning! Resulting in 2.4 Visits per Visitor on average! 

These are truly incredible numbers, and we want to thank everyone for your support. Keep Sharing… Let’s top 10,000 Visits by Year end… in just 12 hours! 

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