80,000 Visits

80,000 Visits

Wow! 80,000 Visits to our Briden Farm website since we launched 215 days ago, on Mischief Night, 30 October 2020. We thank You all for your continued support and encouragement.…

70,000 Visits in 6 Months

70,000 Visits in 6 Months

We launched our Briden Farm website on Mischief Night, the evening of 30 October 2020. Since then we’ve had over 18,000 Visitors make over 70,000 Visits! Thank You for Your…

12,000 Visitors in Five Months

12,000 Visitors In 5 Months

Since launching our Website on Mischief Night, the 30th of October, 2020, we have had over 12,000 Visitors make nearly 43,000 Visits to BridenFarm.com! 

10,000 Visitors and 36,000 Visits

Over 10,000 Visitors In Our First 133 Days!

We launched our Briden Farm Website on Mischief Night! For those of You who don’t know, that’s the night beforej Halloween! Or in this case, 30 Oct 2020. Seems like…

Over 30,000 Visits

Briden Farm Receives Over 30,000 Visits

The interest and support we’ve received over the past six months since we purchased our homestead here on the West Branch, over looking the Head of The Tide, in Bear…

Website Stats as at 23 Jan 2021

Over 10,000 Visits in 3 Weeks

With over 10,000 Visits in January and a total of 20,511 visits made by 5,906 Visitors since we launched the Website on 30 October 2020. In Just 85 Days!