Three Years And Over 880,000 Website Visits

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We launched on Mischief Night 2020, nearly three months after we bought our new Homestead and started, once again, our journey into Farming. At that point we had no idea there were Terms for what we wanted to do! We had talked to various people who had animals over the years and learned what we thought would work best for us to naturally raise our animals, and help turn woodlands to pastures and gardens. Over time we learned that what we were doing with our Goats and Pigs, and later Chickens and Rabbits, and now all those plus our Sheep and Muscovy Ducks and other Critters, was called Regenerative Farming. Employing Rotational Pastures, and practices of grass and pasture management to help ensure success. The first year our gardens hardly grew, the second year we saw small improvements. We even began to discover ways to get help, while helping others, through programs like WWOOF and WorkAway. As we learned, made mistakes, had heartbreaks, and continued on, so did the number of Website Visitors and now we’re approaching 900,000 Website Visits! Nearly half of those Visits have come in just the past Twelve Months! We are so thankful for You and others like you, who have taken the time to visit, both online and in person. Those who have made Donations and come to be friends and supporters of our ongoing efforts to be the best Caretakers and Stewards of these lands and animals.

We’ve been Blessed … To You… We Say… Thank You!

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