Special Thank You To Bear River Friends

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As I write that Title, I think of all the Friends in Bear River who truly deserve a huge THANK YOU! Most of whom will not be mentioned in this Post, but you know who you are! 😉 

You see, this Post is to Thank two people who stepped up when we needed someone to provide positive comments about “Chicken TV at Briden Farm”. 

Recently, when Michael MacDonald, producer for Eastlink Community TV, come out to do an Eastlink Magazine Feature on Briden Farm in April, he asked if we could have a couple locals do a short interview. The first two I asked said Yes! 

So, the two we want to thank, not only for being great friends, and followers of “Chicken TV at Briden Farm “, but also for providing excellent interviews for the Briden Farm Feature, which originally aired 7pm, June 6, 2021, on Eastlink Magazine.Those two are Kelly Foxton, and Jonathan Welch. 

Kelly Foxton, children’s book author & illustrator, wildlife & portrait artist, and owner of Bear Town Pizza,  has worn any hats over the years, including former President of the Bear River Board of Trade

Jonathan Welch, a long-standing Director for the Bear River Board of Trade, and Owner of Sissiboo Coffee Roaster.

Both Jon, and Kelly, are great friends and always ready to help, not only us, but the Community as a whole. For that and their continued service over the years, we thank them.

We also want to take a moment to thanks all our friends and supporters, for all your help and encouragement both now and over the years! We love each and everyone of You!  

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