Mary Had A Little Lamb And We We Do Too, His Name is Briden

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Not sure I’ll ever bring a Bottle Baby, Kid or Lamb, in the house again! The past ten days has left me feeling like getting a vasectomy! I’m not even the Father! Listening to a baby Lamb scream, like a baby, is hard on the head! Having poopy floors, puddles, and wet feet! Frustrating! 2am and 6am Feedings! Argh! Imagine!

While all of that is hard on the head, and makes me wonder how, or why, anyone has kids! Two or Four Legged!

However, in those little moments, when He is at His cutest, and looks at You cause He’s imprinted on You and you’re now His Mother! Those Moments! Those are the Moments that make it all worth it! I Guess?

This video, hopefully, captures a few of those moments from the first ten days of Briden’s life…

Soon enough, all the negatives will be a distant memory, and Briden will rejoin the flock out n Spring Pastures in Rotational, Electric Fencing. Fencing We’ll probably get from Vevor.

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