Garden Potatoes, Pastured Pork Belly, Chow, and Sourdough Bread

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Notice the date of this Post, 29 Feb 2024, and We’re still eating out of the Garden! Even though the Garden is long gone, Potatoes are one of those things that last for months when properly stored. Chow, made from Green Tomatoes harvested last Summer, keeps well in the Pickle Jars. Our Pastured Pork, and this Pork Belly, is so succulent and tasty, it’s incredible. The Sourdough Bread, made from our own Starter, who we call John Dough, is just the right contrast to the potatoes and the sweetness of the meat and chow.I also want to take a moment to acknowledge our friend, Sandy, for making the Chow! Made from our Fresh Green Garden Tomatoes last Summer, with our help, but so nice of Sandy to help us.  Knowing, that tomorrow is March 1st, and we have leftovers, means we will have eaten during nine months of the Year from last Year’s Garden!

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