Cutting Firewood To Improve Our Gardens

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That might sound a little strange! After all, how does cutting ones firewood improve one’s garden?

Great Question! Glad You asked! 

I think this Video will help explain it better…

So, gardens need fertilizer, the more natural that is the better, water of course, and sunlight! Over the past couple of years we’ve worked tirelessly, Ya! Right! I think tiringly would be a better word, if it we’re actually a word! I’ve got it to a point where the soil looks good, we make our own compost and have manure and we have even added water hoses. Yet, the gardens still aren’t growing as well as I’d like. Although they are improving, making gardens from woodlands means they are still surrounded by Trees! Trees are great! Problem is, the tree canopy’s block sunlight! So, cutting the trees around the gardens open up the gardens to more sunlight! Thus, we’re cutting firewood to improve our gardens! 

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