Buy Me A Coffee, Or Sponsor A Duck!

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Or a Chicken, or a Goat, or… we’ll anyway, You get the idea!

Buy Me A Coffee” is a is an crowdfunding company that provides a service for over 300,000 Ceators to collect donations from their supporters. Which means, it allows You to support us in our efforts! 

Wether You want to simply “Buy Me A Coffee” once, or once in awhile!

Or if You’d like to Sponsor a Chicken, a Duck, or a Goat, on a monthly basis! It helps us, help You do that! 

The nice thing is, I get Free Coffee! 

Actually,  as nice as that would be, what it really does is help us bridge the gaps knowing we have Supporters! Not really investors, no real ownership, but people willing, and able, to invest in what we are doing! 

As a thank you, all Sponsorships come with a Pass that allows You Free Briden Farm Visits. Whether you choose to sponsor a Chicken at $5 a month, a Duck at $10/month, or a Goats at $20/month, you’ll also receive a Briden Farm Membership Card that allows You Free Farm Visits. 

Also, because we like the concept of Paying it Forward, when you sponsor a Chicken, at just $5 / month, we’ll donate Eggs to a Needy Family! 

Plus You get Free Farm Visits! 

When You Sponsor a Duck or a Goat you get Free Farm Visits for Your Entire Family! 

Sound like fun? Sound like something You want to do?

Want More Information? (Click Here

Or, Call Brian at Briden Farm (902) 907-0770 

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