A Day at the Beech

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So, it’s probably not the first thing You think of, when you hear we had a A Day at the Beech! However, it is exactly what I did today! From cutting it down with my Stihl Chainsaw to cutting it up, loading it on the truck, and piling it up! One Day, One Tree, and about Half a Cord of Fire Wood. Now, if I can do it seventeen more times, I’ll have our Winter’s Fire Wood.

Last Year was the first year I did our own firewood! We used our kitchen enterprise stove, and had furnace oil and electric backup. This year we plan to have a living room stove and burning both stoves to help eliminate the oil and electric which are already too expensive! 

Thirty years ago, I was a weakling, and my self image was just as weak! I knew I was a weakling and, “I couldn’t do it!” Now, thirty years later, having worked on my self esteem, and in more recent years my physical self, now I’ll tackle about anything! 

As a result, I love working in the wood, and the sense of self esteem and accomplishment that comes from processing one’s own fuel, and food from our gardens, is fun and rewarding. If you’d like to have some fun, and join in, call Brian at 902-907-0770 

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