Imagine Getting Free Animal Feed

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Yesterday We were contacted by Loop Resource, and as I listened to the Voice Mail message left by Claudia, I could hear the sincerity in Her voice! Her message was well timed, after a very rough, difficult, week, it was the encouragement we needed! Claudia’s message told of a system that was helping to complete the “Loop”. I really encourage You to go read the “About” page on the Loop Resource Website. Think about it, the Grocery Stores rely on Farmers to get their produce, fruits and vegetables, and they sell them, or most of them, at a profit and sadly there is waste, waste in the form of leftovers. Things that don’t get sold by their best before date. With fruit and vegetables that best before date May not be stamped on them, but it’s there, in the wilted leaves, shrivelled skin, or browning spots, etc. Unfortunately, far to often, these items get sent to the Landfill. Loop Resources helps to complete the Loop by seeing that where possible these items, especially the fruit and vegetables and other organic materials get returned to farms! The Farmers then use these materials for Animal Feed and Compost. Which helps cut costs, insures animals are given a variety of fruits and vegetables and other materials. It also helps Farmers develop more compost, which helps to naturally build the soil that more feed and crops can be grown on. So, in this process, the Loop is complete! The good news is, Loop Resource is in the process of expanding in Nova Scotia, and more Specifically Digby, Nova Scotia, where we will soon be doing our part here at Briden Farm and helping and benefiting, at no cost to us, by helping complete the Loop!

Perhaps the best part is, Loop Resource is looking for a few more Farms to participate in the Program! So, whether you’re in Digby County, Nova Scotia or other areas, we invite you to contact us, or Loop Resources, for information on how You and Your Farm can benefit! 

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  1. Good day

    I have recently been trying to make my own cheese and as you can imagine getting good milk is extremely hard. I currently use milk that I purchase through a retail location. I have used both cow and goat milk to make cheese. I am wondering if you sell milk? I realize this is a tricky question but decided to ask.

    Thanks in advance


    1. So, Colin, as you already eluded to it is illegal to sell Milk and Milk Products. Wish we could help! You’re still welcome to come visit us. Maybe someday you’ll be in the position to get goats and have your own milk! 😉

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