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Launching Briden Farm Website On Mischief Night!

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Definitely didn’t realize it, and it is completely by accident, that we launched our Briden Farm Website on Mischief Night! Also known as described by the Smithsonian as Devil’s Night, or the Night before Halloween! (Or is it!?). Read Our About Page!

We started our Farm with three Nigerian Dwarfs, and a number of others who really like to think they’re the Cock of the Walk! Not to mention the help of a few Old Bittys! Not to mention a ton of friends!

Briden Farm Sign

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9 Replies to “Launching Briden Farm Website On Mischief Night!”

    1. Hi Brian and Deni ! I am so glad to have found your blog to follow along on your new journey with your farm . The place looks great ! You have done so much work so far ! Even though I am not in real estate anymore I am glad to have met you both and glad you are enjoying it so much .. I have been wondering how you have made out and now I can follow along ! Congrats on your Farm .

  1. There now, you already know how envious I am of your finding that space and living the dream I know both of you have had for so long. Each day I see things that amaze me and my mind considers what things will be like in 1, 5 and even 10 years time. I sure hope you are enjoying being there as much as I am thrilled at seeing you there. The website is icing on top.

  2. So great to (virtually) see you guys last evening. We miss you here in Moncton but we are so happy for you. I’ll be watching Briden farm grow and flourish. You are living my dream … I’m excited to see how it turns out.

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