Farmers Golf Anyone!?

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Even before starting Briden Farm, we thought about someday having a place where we can play Farmer’s Golf! We first played Farmer’s Golf at Hennigar’s in Greenwich, Nova Scotia. Their course meanders through their orchards and we were even told to have an apple if we saw one we liked! If You’ve never had the opportunity to play Farmer’s Golf, check out this lovely description on Hennigar’s Farmer’s Golf Page, or visit the website for the Farmer’s Golf courses in the Netherlands, where there are a number of Courses, where the game was developed! 

So, now that You understand what I mean by Farmer’s Golf, and I am seriously considering having a Farmer’s Golf course here at Briden Farm! You’ll appreciate just how kismet things can be sometimes and also how truly willing to please our Chickens really are! 

See, the other day, as we were working to make a fence for the our Nigerian Dwarf Goat Bucks, near the Hen House, I literally stumbled on an old Golf Club! Then, within an hour, we saw the strangest thing in the Hen House! One of our Hens laid a Golf Ball! Or, at least an egg, shaped like a Real Golf Ball! Some Hen! 

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