A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm Part 3

So thankful You’ve taken time to share in our ride! 

In A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm Part 1 and A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm Part 2 You got to see how we’re turning our Woodlands to Pasture and later to Gardens with the help of our Nigerian Dwarf Goats and our Berkshire Tamworth Pigs. How we’re making fencing from up-cycling old Mink Cages, and even how much of a slope we have on certain parts of Briden Farm. In fact, You even discovered that sometimes I think it’s better to turn the camera off and concentrate on our driving! 

Now, get ready for A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm Part 3. In Part 3 You’ll see the conclusion, you’ll see how far I got, and get a sneak peek at the journey back! 

Thanks so much for watching our videos! I learnt a few things making this three part series of A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm. One thing is, now that we’ve got Fibe from Bell it takes minutes, not hours, to upload videos! This means that next time, I can do a long length video and know that it’s possible to get it uploaded! It also makes me think it might be nice to have a GoPro camera and some related equipment to make even better videos! Not sure how soon we can do that, but with your support maybe it’ll happen sooner rather than later! 

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