A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm

This one was fun! I hope You have as much fun watching it as I did recording it! It’s actually in 3 Parts, and that’s for a few reasons. One, up till now, a video of 2 minutes took me about 20 minutes to upload! The second is, although we thankfully just got FiberOp, or Fibe as Bell now calls it, I wasn’t sure how much faster it would really do the upload. The third reason, and this one is kind of laughable, I chickened out during part of the ride! Well, actually I turned it off, at the end of part one, because the terrain was so sloped I wanted to concentrate on my driving! 

So, that was part one, and I probably should have warned you about the noise! I also apologize for the noise making it difficult to hear me! I am a low talker, and I try to speak up, but it’s difficult for me! I’ll try to do better in Part Two! 

Click Here to Watch Part Two

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