Holly Loves Helping With Chores At Briden Farm

Morning and Night we do Chores at Briden Farm and Holly Loves Helping With Chores.

Holly come to Briden Farm mid April and has fit right in. Before coming here, she was loved and well treated by her loving Human Parents, but she led somewhat a sheltered life. She’s a Golden Retriever, Nova Scotia Duck Toller mix and therefore very much a water dog. However, other than Bath Time, she’d never been in the water, and she was very timid, hiding behind her master, or in her kennel, when friends visited with other dogs. On Holly’s third day here, with us, she was coming outside, on leash, to do chores with us. After a few days we no longer needed the leash. I remember one day when She first encountered our Pigs! She heard one of them Grunt, Tom I think, but it may have been Jerry, and She took off! The next day she walked up and touched noses through the gate! Not something I encourage, but it sure was neat to see!

Now, as you can see in the video, Holly gets very excited just at the mention of helping with chores! It’s very encouraging. 

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