Moving Our Pigs At Briden Farm

This is our first time having Pigs, and we weren’t sure what to expect! I jokingly say that this whole thing is just my act of rebellion! See, while I’ve always sort of felt an affinity to Goats and Pigs! (Hey, I heard that!) . My Dad would never let me have either as he had bad experiences with both. He had one, for a very short time, an old Nanny Goat, named Pandora! I think the name it’s self should has given him a clue! Anyway, that’s a story for another day! 

Dad always thought Pigs were to complicated, and had to many  diseases, and yet talking to those who currently have pigs they seem to really enjoy them! So we got Pigs…

One thing I’d heard many people, who are both pro and con on pigs, say is how difficult they can be to move! Especially if you’re doing rotational pasturing. Which is of course what we’re doing. So, yesterday when we moved them from pasture two, to pasture four, I thought it might be good if we tried to video the whole ordeal! Thankfully it went quite well! 

If You’d like more information on our pigs, or other goings on, here at Briden Farm, give us a call 902-907-0770 or come for a visit. 

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