Expanding Our Woodland Pastures

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Today we’re working to move nine loads of 9 old mink cages toward the back of our Pasture area. These cages will be used to make fencing for our Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Berkshire Tamworth Hogs. 

The kind of exciting thing about this is, up till now, we’ve been turning all the previous little rotational pastures, averaging around 1000-1500 sq ft each, into garden plots. This new area will be the first actual woodland area that may get turned into a forage and pasture feed area. 

It’s also getting me to Wonder, where next! The area beyond the current pasture area is where the old hay field was, or is, and it needs to be rejuvenated. However, across from the current pastures is a possibility as it is thicker an would make a good goat and pig pasture. However, it’s probably also where I can get the most accessible firewood. The other possible area is right up hill of our house, which used to be gardens, and is also the easiest to get electric fencing setup on, which is also likely our next go to! 

As always, we invite you to leave your fears behind and come embrace the fun at Briden Farm, where the Tea is always on, and the Coffee is not far behind! 

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