Our Chickens Are Hiding Easter Eggs

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I suppose it’s a good time of Year, it being Easter Week, and All, but we were surprised to find a nest with 22 Eggs in it!

Recently we added some hay, and moved things around, in our carport where the Hens prefer to lay! Laying Hens are funny that way!

We have nest boxes in the Chicken Coop, but the girls prefer to lay in the hay in the carport! We have put banana boxes in there, filled with hay, and they’re pretty good at laying in them. 

We typically get about 12-14 eggs a day, and after we recently moved things around, that number dropped to about half! So, I wondered if we put them off laying, but figured it more likely they were hiding them, or had at least changed location! 

Sure enough, we discovered 22 eggs in a nest at the back end of the carport, at the back end of the hay where we’d made a crisscross with the hay bales, leaving ample space for a beautiful nest! 

Now, it may be because we made the changes, but it makes me wonder if with Easter on the Horizon if  the hens just wanted us to be proud that Our Chickens Are Hiding Easter Eggs! 

PS: I have it on good authority that tomorrow morning, there might just be a Briden Farm Video about some very special Bunnies! 😉 

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  1. if you had not found them there might have been more of a surprise, like a missing hen fro a few weeks.

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