New Goats at Briden Farm

We have New Goats at Briden Farm! We are also missing two! Momma and Snow White! Now they’re not really missing, but they’ve moved on to greener pastures! Well, not really, well… maybe! Actually they’re not to faraway, but they do have a new home over on Waldeck Line! We worked out a deal with a friend who loves them and will provide a good home for them. It also will allow us to visit. 

The deal with our friend also meant our getting a new Goat, Buttercup (who I really think is more of an Oreo!) Here’s a video of Buttercup, a Saanen / Alpine Mix, playing with Nanna’s Kids, and Eve, our new Saanen Milking Goat, and Nanna, our Nigerian Dwarf Goat, the mother of the two little kids.

It’s a short video, but we think you’ll like it as it captures some of the Fun here at Briden Farm. 

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