Consumers Need To Organize and Prioritize

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We are often asked about selling milk, dairy, pork, eggs, and other farm products. 

Joel Salatin has a Book entitled “Everything I want to do is Illegal” 

Unfortunately that is true of about everyone brave, or crazy enough to run a homestead, or farm, or homesteading farm, these days! 

Many Homesteaders and Farmers do what they can. Some strictly trying to adhere to obscure, difficult to understand and interpret Government Regulations while others try to fly under the radar. Either way it is very counterproductive. 

Sadly, these would be Providers accomplish little when it comes to influencing Government and They find it difficult to meet consumer demands and sully those needs. So, it’s been on my mind for sometime that we may be putting the cart before the horse! 

What if, instead of a handful of small Homesteads operators and small scale Farmers seeking change, the Consumers acted instead. First of all, the Consumer base is 10 to 100, perhaps even 1000, times larger than the would be providers. So, that means that instead of a small handful of Homesteaders and Small Scale Farmers trying to influence Government, a larger more concerning number of Voters would be more noticeable! Political Power comes in numbers! 

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