You May Think We’re Nuts

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So, we know some of You probably think we’re Nuts! 

Somedays, We think You might be right! 

Seems the Squirrels even confirm it! 

We have a section of ceiling where the tiles have started to come down! Actually we have it on good authority, it started to come down about 60 Years Ago! 

Last Night this little guy, a Flying Squirrel, come peeking out, and then decided that tile had been hanging there long enough! He made it fall, but, thankfully only the one tile fell! So, the others might just hang there till another Squirrel decides to come in and use our ceiling as it’s trampoline! 

What ensued was interesting, with the dogs a little to interested in getting rid of the Squirrel. Actually, as you can see in this video, it really turned things upside down…

You’ll be happy to know the Dogs, much to their dismay, didn’t kill the Squirrel. I managed to catch it, took it outside, and the dogs chased it up the hill, up a tree, and then it flew! Actually glided away and took off towards Morganville! 

If You’re nuts like us, come visit us at Briden Farm! You never know what we’re up to! 

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