We Now Have Two Goats Milking

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Not quite sure what we’re going to do with the extra milk, but now that Nanna’s kids, Robbie and Nickie, have moved to their new home, we get to milk Nanna. We really wondered how that would go!?  Thankfully, while she put up a little struggle, She gave us a litre of nice creamy milk, on the first milking, Nanna is our only remaining doe of our Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Her ease of milking, my ability to milk her, and the incredible taste of the milk means we’ll be holding on her. Our other Doe, Eve, is an 11 year old Saanen Dairy Goat who continues to give us nearly two quarts of milk a day; even though she hasn’t been bred in over two years! 

So, now that we’ll be getting about 3 or more Quarts of Milk a day! What do we do with it all? We’ll drink what we can, make more cheese, and with Nigerian Dwarf Goats, in this case Nanna’s, milk ranging in the 6-10% Butter Fat, we’ll even try our hand at making fresh butter! 

Do you have any suggestions for other uses for milk? If so, be sure to post them in the Comments or give us a call 902-907-0770. 

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