The First Sunrise of The First Day of 2021

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With a Mew Year, comes new hopes an catspirations! 

Ok, so that was a typo! But what a wonderful typo it was! 

So, it’s true, the only thing that changed is the date! But, what if we decide to embrace this, and every, sunrise with expectation and inspiration? Why the World would be a different place!

Really, when it comes down to it, it’s really up to You and Me!

Let’s decide to make 2021 the Nest Year Ever! 

Yes, another typo! 

So we already know we’ll make mistakes, sometimes happy mistakes, sometimes mistakes that need correction! 

Yet, we need to embrace them! Embrace it all! For after all… The Sun Will,Come Up,Tomorrow! Let’s Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway! It’s ok to feel the fear, but we don need to dwell on it, nor do we need to choose it! 

Choose Fun, not Fear! When things get tough, and the fear becomes to much, come visit us at Briden Farm and choose to have fun, enjoying time with the animals, walking the woodlands, and enjoying your time here at Briden Farm, where the Tea is always on, and the Coffee is not far behind!

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