Archie the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Romancer

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Now there’s a funny Title, but it’s so true! You see, Archie our Nigerian Dwarf Buck, pictured here, and his brother Carl, both like the Ladies and both provide stud service to the Does who come to visit! Both boys like their job! But Archie is the real Romancer! 

Owning both Does and Bucks is interesting at times, and we’ve seen the boys do some funny things and make a wide variety of sounds, grunts, growl, and so on. Howe er, it wasn’t till we had a visit from Luna, a Nigerian Dwarf Doe, a couple days ago, that we really got to see the difference between our boys! 

While Carl and Archie are twin bucks, there are differences and when Luna come looking for a real Stud we introduced her to Carl. See, Carl is the kind of guy you pick up on .Saturday night but don’t take home to your Mom! So, when Carl first saw Luna he pursued her, chased her all over, and she made him run in circles! He was really head over heels for her but after careful consideration Luna decided that He just wasn’t the Buck for Her! Although she kept hearing another, not far away, in The Buck Pen

So, as in many relationships, the Doe determines the mood of the relationship and Luna thought she’d like to see the other brother, Archie! After all, he seemed to make some interesting noises from the Buck Pen! 

So, Carl went heartbroken back to the Buck Pen, and His brother, Archie come out! Well, while Carl and Archie are twins, they have much different courtship styles! Archie is the real Nigerian Dwarf Goat Romancer! When Archie saw Luna he walked up, rubbed her cheek, massaged her back, stroked her leg, and then stood back and serenaded Her! Best described in Human terms as a harmonic, melodic, humming! To which there was a beautiful tune that Luna must have loved! Cause now Luna should be expecting little ones by the end of May! 

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