Getting the Most out of Your Wood Stove

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It was back on the 18th of November that we finally got our Wood Stove and Chimney set up here at Briden Farm, helping to insure our success and winter survival. We’ve been very happy with our stove, but have been unable to get the over above 300 Fahrenheit (°F) or about 149 (°C). 

It puzzled me, and we tried about everything. Internet searches revealed it was probably related to the moisture in our wood. We had about 4-1/2 Cord given to us, for which we’re pretty thankful, but it had been stored a little to long and has about half life, which causes it to burn faster, and not as hot. So, we thought that may be the problem. Our other wood has come from here, old dead falls, and fresh cut ash, and a little oak fallen in the leaf in September. So, we thought that might have been the issue! 

This morning I decided to do a thorough deep cleaning of our wood stove. Cleaning out the not only the firebox, but scraping the top, sides, and under the oven. Removing some very old, and somewhat caked on soot and even some old creosote! Some was from our activities, but some had been there for a very long time! 

After the thorough cleaning, and removing all the ashes, soot, and creosote, we rebuilt the fire, and the oven climbed to 475 Fahrenheit (°F) or about 240 (°C). Then we backed off, as did our cats! They thought Daddy had built it bit too hot! 

At least now we know that we will get better performance, more efficiency, and truly will be Getting the Most out of Our Wood Stove! 

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