Scenic Shot of Briden Farm Goats and the Bear River Baptist Church

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Moved our Briden Farm Goats to a new Pasture at The Barn Property today and as we were leaving this evening I glimpsed this incredible shot with the Bear River Baptist Church in the Background.

We use Rotational Pasturing techniques and about ten days ago we used the piece of ground adjacent to the new pasture. Each area being about a third of an acre. Or about 15,000 Sq Ft. we have four adult doe goats, and three under a year old. It took them just about a week and a half to work that piece of ground. By moving them every ten days or so we’ll cover about an acre a month. Or about seven acres from April to October. Actually, if we doubled our number of goats we could do the seven acres twice in the same time period. 

 Maybe someday we’ll expand our Herd. Or perhaps we’ll start boarding Goats!? Would You like to have a Goat? Would You like us to raise it and care for it for You? With You being able to come visit and learn how to raise Goats? We could for about $10 a week! Interested? 

Have questions? Call Brian  📞  902-907-0770 

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