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So, awhile back I saw an Ad for Human Grade Hemp Seed. The benefits of Hemp Seed and Hemp Hearts seem to be many, and I’ve even heard of one fellow who grinds the hemp seed and mixes it with Spelt to make flour to bake with. The Health Benefits alone seem to be staggering, and Healthline says, “Though hemp seeds have only recently become popular in the West, they’re a staple food in many societies and provide excellent nutritional value.”

So, seeing it’s used by so many people, not only for themselves, but for feeding livestock also, we figured that would be a good place to start! 

So, now, our Group of Ten Friends has been feeding Hemp for about a week and a half now. Together we feed Chickens, both meat birds and laying hens, Muscovy Ducks, Pigs, Goats, Cattle, and even our Dogs like it! We’ve had positive feedback from nearly all of our friends. Although it took us a bit of time to figure out how to use it. 

Personally we’ve noticed the condition of our Goats coats improve! Our oldest milking goat, Eve, has definitely had an improvement. Her coat has a visible sheen and I think her over all condition is improving. I’m mixing her Milk Generator with the Hemp, and moistening it, and serving it semi moist. Wet, they don’t like it, and to dry they aren’t to fond of it, but slightly moistened it all gets cleaned up! 

We’ve also started mixing it in with our Layena and serving it wet to our hens, and also to our Muscovy Ducks. They totally clean it up! Leaving little, if anything, behind to attract Rodents! Which is a definite plus! 

HempTrade.ca claims, “Hemp used in livestock feed is a very significant opportunity as a source of high quality protein, energy, fibre and other nutritional benefits.” 

Further claiming that, “Products from hemp seed are well suited for poultry, swine, horses, beef and dairy cattle.”

Certainly our early observations indicate hemp’s high protein, omegas, and other factors, seem to be an excellent match for our livestock and poultry!

When it comes to our Hens, we and our friends using the hemp, have approximately 35-40% Laying Rate. 35-40% Laying rate seems good considering we’re heading into shorter days, colder temperatures, and molting season!

Especially, considering I’m reading on Atlantic Poultry FaceBook Groups that many people are seeing lay rates as low as 10-20%.

Personally I contribute our higher lay rates to the higher protein in Hemp; typically about 25% Protein.

See, hens require protein to help grow feathers, especially during and after molting, and that usually causes a drop in egg production, or Laying Rates. 

I believe having the hens utilize the higher amounts of Hemp Protein means less stress on their bodies, allowing for a more steady egg production.

Most feed, from Feed Stores only have feeds in the 15-20% range. Making hemps higher, usually about 25% protein, the better choice! Another definite benefit is the more affordable cost of our feeding Hemp!

If you’d like more information about our experience with hemp, feeding hemp, and our feeding regime at Briden Farm, please contact us at 902-907-0770. 

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