Making Quince Jam At Briden Farm

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Awhile back, a friend (You know who You are!), gave us some Quince. The Quince sat in the bottom of our Fridge for, seems like a month, and stayed good! Which surprised me!

So, today, we got busy, grating and simmering, and cooking, and making Quince Jam! You can find the Recipe we used at . Now let me say, I liked the way the Recipe was laid out, and I probably should not have doubled it! It’s generally a bad habit! 

However, I did double it, and I didn’t have a thick bottom pot available, so I used a thin bottom and tried not to burn it. I managed not to burn it, but I think it’s going to be more like a Preserve, rather than a Jam! 

Although, I must say, it has a beautiful bouquet and an incredible taste! I know it’ll get used, and I can see it glazing our Woodland Pastured Pork, and I think we’ll also use it with our Muscovy Duck Legs; kind of like a Duck a L’Orange, but with Quince! We’ll also, undoubtedly making it work for Jam also! 

Actually, we just checked and it is setting up! I usually make Jellies, and I think this is my first time making Jam! So, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Seems I must have done something right! 

If You’d like to do something right… Come over and try it! 

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