Collecting Eggs on Easter at Briden Farm

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We usually post live Videos, “Chicken TV” Videos, on FaceBook and then share them here, and those are usually of our own Mixed Flock of mostly Easter Egger Orpington mix. However, today, on Easter 2022, I thought I’d do something different!

Today We have a Video of Collecting Eggs in our outside temporary shelter for the Brown Layers we sell. The ones in this Video are Bovan Browns, and a few Bovan Blacks like the one pictured above. Here’s the Video …

Our Temporary Shelter is made mostly of Upcycled Materials. Old Mink Cages for fencing and Breeding Boxes for Nesting! Most things we do here at Briden Farm involve some amount of Upcycling! We’re actually getting pretty good at it! If You’re interested in Upcycling, subscribe to our Upcycling List here, and if we get enough interest, we’ll do an on-site Upcycling Day here at Briden Farm.

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