Training Pigs to Electric Fence for The First Time

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Training Pigs to Electric Fence for the first time! Theirs and Ours! Last Year was the first time we raised Pigs, and we did it inside the rotational pastures we had fenced with Mink Cages. I try to move our goats through an area and then follow with the Pigs. However, Last year we encountered a few challenges… like having to move not only the Goats and Pigs, but also having to move the cages.  Moving the cages every two weeks not only takes a lot of work, it also takes a lot of time. Not to mention the hazard of slipping and falling on our hillsides, or twisting and damaging our backs, etc. The cages work well, but if I can train the pigs to electric fence it will make things much easier! Plus give us some of our time back! 

Our Goats do very well in Electric Netting, and as long as we rotate them often enough, every two weeks will work great, and that’s how often pigs should be moved. So, indications are the pigs should do well in the electric wire, so that will lighten our load, allow us to cover more ground, easier, and have even happier Goats, Pigs, and maybe Farmers too! T

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