Celebrating One Year As Briden Farm

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This beautiful property has a History that dates back to the time of Simon Imbert, and the house dates back to 1870 when it was built by James & Susan (Rice) Mullen for whom Rice Mullen Road was named. The Property then passed to James & Susan’s daughter Lena Mullen and her husband Fred Harris, son of Charles & Theodosia Harris. Thusly, passing to Fred & Lena’s son Jack Harris by deed from Lena, circa 1954. Then, to us on the 4th of August 2020. Interestingly enough, we are Distant Cousins by both blood and adoption! So, the Property remains “In the Family “. We’ve come to call the place our Homestead Farm, Briden Farm, named after the current owners, Brian & Denis.

The photo at the top of this page depicts what the place looked like when we first discovered it, and the following slide show tries to show some of the work we’ve done in our first year, here at Briden Farm.

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  1. Wow a whole year ..and so much has happened there since then. Congratulations Happy first anniversary for Briden Farm.

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