Before and After Pigs Preparing the Garden Soil

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I never get tired of seeing the work our animals do. This Year, December 1st and 2nd our Pigs were turned into our Garden Plot. The two photos show the Before and After. As You can see, they do an amazing job of disturbing the soil just enough to spur growth. Leave them too long, and they’ll compact the earth, but leave them just the right amount of time, and they turn it up and get it prepared for the next growing season. It’s not usually left till December and perhaps should have a Cover Crop, but this year we had beautiful days and 10 + celsius, that’s into the 50s F. Well-composted manure had previously, been applied and worked in.

Garden Soil after being worked by Pigs

Also, take note of the Green Grass still growing in the pastures. As a result of our animals, Goats, Pigs, Sheep, Chickens, Rabbits, and Ducks, enjoy their rotational pastures. Rotational Pasturing can be used, not only to keep parasite-free, healthy, livestock but also to encourage growing green grass and pasture forages.

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