We’re in a Stew at Briden Farm

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Perhaps we should say, we’re having a stew at Briden Farm, or we had a stew at Briden Farm, but saying, “We’re in a Stew at Briden Farm” is far more interesting! Right? 

Anyway, we did recently have an excellent Stew when we used the juice left over in the frying pan from when we had Smothered Steak, Rice, and Stewed Onions.we took the juice, poured it in a crock pot, added the stew meat, and topped with cut up carrots and potatoes that we grew in our garden. It turned out very good as is evidenced here in the photo. Probably, due at least in part, du to the Watkins Herbs & Spices we used.  

All Purpose and Italian Seasonings

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